Chris, the Chef Proprietor produces a homemade style Maltese cuisine like Dad's Famous Braggioli, Thick Home Made Beef Stew, "Ikel ta Dari" (Food as it used to be prepared by our grandparents), "Balbuljata tal-Bulubif", "Bebbux", "Stuffat tal-Qarnit" and "Haruf il-Forn"


Ta Kris is situated instead of one of the oldest and largest bakeries in the Sliema area seating approximately 60 persons.  The old features of the bakery have been kept.  The restaurant features also old coloured Maltese tiles and warm shaded walls, dark Maltese furniture which  and provide a warm décor. Menus are based on a mixture of traditional Maltese cuisine blended with some Mediterranean dishes.

Whilst details to the named dishes and information to all parts of our menu, set-menus for special occasions including wine list and prices you will find at our menu section. We will inform you at your table about our specials of the day from fresh fish to beef fillets.


Kris (Owner and chef) is a highly dedicated person who takes at heart genuine his cuisine. He is always busy in the kitchen to ensure that everything is done in a genuine manner. Therefore Reservations/bookings are best made via telephone to avoid disappointment.


Kindly call on 21337367 or 79337367.


All what's left to say is: Enjoy your meal and Bon Appetite.

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We value our client's opinion

and quite often this reflects

into our continous development

of our menu.

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Exquisite food

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Locally sourced produce and the freshest ingredients means food

that is exceptional in taste.

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